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Cash Codes Masterclass

"Wow, the cash codes masterclass was amazing. I'm so grateful for it being available to us and having a great deal with the Wealth Unlimited as well. Thank you Jennifer Donovan I am so excited I happened upon your group just a couple weeks ago and look forward to working with you more." - Kerrie C.

"I just watched the replay on the cash codes masterclass and HOLY SHIT!!! I have identified where my thoughts on money comes from! You Jen are absolute FIRE! I am so drawn when I listen to you and seriously just from that replay alone, I’ve learnt so much about myself and that meditation at the start was truely amazing!! I saw a damn light!! I saw a light come over me!! Goodness it was just amazing! Thank you!" - Jasmine H.

"Thank you Jennifer Donovan for an amazing Cash Codes Masterclass! As always, your stuff is full of powerful, helpful, incredibly useful and inspiring content! It was not even a question for me whether to join the program, because I just love working with you and learning from you! Your passion, willingness and ability to help women financially is so amazing and out of this world! I couldn't imagine a better and more fun person to work with! I'm so incredibly grateful and excited to work with you again and to dig deeper and look into my limiting beliefs and thoughts about money and then say goodbye to them. You've already helped me so much with your live readings, activations and in The Channel program as well, thanks to you I'm becoming the woman I always dreamt of, but felt held back, and I feel that it's all happening faster, easier and in a more fun way than I could ever imagine! If anyone reading this wants to improve their relationship with money and take things to the next level, I recommend you sign up today and work with Jen! Only good can come out of it! She knows what she's talking about and is the living proof that what she says, does and teaches really works and she's committed to help everyone along the way like no other coach!" - Tímea R.



"🔥The Cash Codes Masterclass was 🔥Jennifer Donovan is the right amount of love with the right amount of kick in the pants! The Money Cord meditation alone is worth it all 💰💰💰 Thank you so much for pouring into us today! You are an amazing gift to all of us! Cannot wait to the beautiful abundance that develops as I release the emotions around the next level of income." - Tara P.

"Thank you, Jennifer, for this Masterclass. Thank you for giving me the awareness of where my blocks have been and the questions I need to ask myself annnnnnd the action I can take to creating a more bad ass and healthy relationship with money and how/when/where it flows to me. Time to go journal and burn!" - Miranda W.


"As usual, Jennifer breaks down blocks I never even realized I had. I love the idea of writing down how I feel towards something (negative thoughts) and burning that **** to clear my mind. This class was great." - Tae L.